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How do I set up the recSMART with the Road-Eyes App?

Kate -

iOS users:

To pair the button with your recSMART, please follow instructions in the setting section of the App:

Go to «settings» on your iOS device and then select «Wi-Fi» and connect to the «recsmart» network.

Enter password «1234567890»

Open the «Road-eyes» App, go into the camera tab : recSMART will be successfully connected to your iOS device.

Android users:

Create an account on the Road-Eyes App from the Google Play Store.

Open the "Road-Eyes" App, press the "Camera" tab, tap on recSMART and follow the setup instructions.

Select the "Road-Eyes" network and enter password "1234567890".

recSMART will automatically connected to your phone.

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    Diego Bustamante

    the application does not recognize the device

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    Yeah wi already tried the instruction.. it keeps on freezing


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    Mats Henningsson

    I think the instruction for Android users is fuzzy: 

    It says that I shall follow the setup instructions in the App and then it adds that I shall select the "Road-Eyes" network and enter password "1234567890" - but that is already in the instructions in the App!!!

    Or shall I connect to the network via the settings in my phone?

    I have tried both but always the connection fails!!!

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